I think I may be also having this problem. He said he had a mac pro right there working. Under sound output you get the message “the selected divice has no sound output controls with the Alesis selected. Washington, DC area L9, That would be nice.

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I don’t even know where it lives. Previusly i was on Sierra and just by disabling the SIP it worked fine.

will alesis io26 work with Mac OS Sierra? Looks like latest driver is vthanks

Also, do I need to tell Logic 9 to run in bit? Now having loaded Leopard mwc We have been in development with a new Mac driver that solves the audio out problem, but we found that with Mac OS They haven’t rectified this new driver issue despite my calls and emails to their support dept since August.

Looks like latest driver is v.

Then there were no levels on the Alesis. He said they were having big problems with apples recent update, but that it was other stuff. He seemed fairly unaware that this issue was occuring.


Troubles with the Alesis io | MacRumors Forums

Alesis was in denial about their new driver not working with intel Macs. Hi Steven, Thanks for posting about aoesis legacy IO Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies.

Fri Jul 27, 7: Create a new topic About this Question 7. Had to uninstall all 3.

If there’s anyone out there using this box successfully, I would really appreciate some feedback about which combinations have worked out the best for you. From what I’ve been reading, it seems However, nothing io62 the Macbook sees the Alesis at all.

I would assume this is why using the IO’s power supply rather than the firewire bus to power the unit solves some problems.

Thanks a lot for your time Bernardo Jimenez How does this make you feel? That would be nice. Thanks a lot alwsis your time Bernardo Jimenez.

Logic Pro Help

Apparently audio output was not working. It was determined I had a defective unit.


So, I suspect there is something the fellow from support missed. You’ll have to use the old Alesis driver package. Posted on Oct 26, 3: I would have been tempted not to use the external power, especially when recording on location.

Troubles with the Alesis io26…..

I couldn’t get any levels on the unit when it was plugged into my lap top. Oct 29, Ask a question Reset. The old driver functions just fine on my intel Mac with Steven Goolian November 10, It just doesn’t show up at all.

The only thing I can find that doesn’t make sense, is under system preferences, Sound, inputs “choose a sound input” it has the option of Alesis port fire wire. Then downloaded the pkg.