Enter text from picture: Check the boxes and chose ON from the drop-down menu. On the left side the Station Numbers will show up. Unmark all of the check boxes by default only Group 1 is checked and press Update. Please read and understand all instructions. Next step is to enable CID. There are two ways to perform Admin Programming:

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Ariw extended menu will appear below. The following are included on the MBU: This is where you put the list of extensions that you want to manage. Then you will need to isolate this lines for use as in your case you have 6 available ports and if you just plug 2 then some calls originated from your PBX will be looped as the PBX picks the number lines randomly.

It is recommended to use an external backup battery fuse 5A V between the battery and the System. Turn the grounding screw counter clockwise to loosen, as shown in Figure. With sojo step we have restricted access to Ar-bkzu lines for all extensions except the which still has access to CO Group 1 as we do not apply these settings to the desk phone.

Starting The Aria Soho 2.

Please read ssoho understand all instructions. Here the CID is sent after the first ring, so we usually setup the PBX to wait 1 ring before it sends the call to the telephone set. Never attempt to insert wires, pins, etc. Attach the mounting template using the 3 screws and anchors included. On the left side the Station Numbers will show up. Don’t show me this message again.


The cable used to connect the battery is supplied with the KSU. If this is still ON if the PBX resets while configuration or configured, all settings will be erased. Battery operation is controlled by the PSU. Then connect the grounding wire to an appropriate ground source refer to Caution. If souo want to change the extension which is by default given from the PBX, or 13 according to which numbering plan we are using just change the Station number or 13 with the new number.

Soft and documentation

Because we placed the first two lines Ar-bjsu and CO2 for use only in CO Group 1 we should now remove the access from all of the groups for these extensions. To discharge static, touch a grounded object, or wear a grounding strap.

In direct sunlight and hot, cold, or humid places. To protect the System from static electricity, do not touch the boards. If the system does not operate properly, the equipment should be repaired aira an authorized LG-Nortel service center.

Open the Cord cover and turn the screws counter-clockwise to loosen as shown in Figure 3.


Once the installation of cards is finished and the system is completed, and PC admin installed and connected to the Aria SOHO, start the system in the following order: Affix the bracket with the 4 screws provided Figure 3. Note that if the update tool is not showing immediately, try pressing refresh for a couple of times.

LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO – First Time Installation – VION Technology Blog

In your case put all extensions without the the master desk extension which need an access to the lines i. Key service unit Mounting template Quick Start Guide By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Turn the screws clockwise to tighten and close the Cord Cover as in the Figure. New dialog box will open that will list the lines.

The MBU is installed in the KSU and provides various kinds of connectors RJ11 modular jacks for the connection of peripheral boards and miscellaneous functions refer to Figure and Table. Before installation, make sure that the KSU is not plugged into an outlet.