All other tested games were then only constantly fluently playable in minimum details. Nevertheless operation outside of enclosed spaces is of course not as pleasant as with a non-reflecting display, as disturbing reflections have to be dealt with. Thus the low temperature development as well as the low sound development is convincing. In addition on one hand the workmanship and on the other hand the keyboard barely gives cause for criticism. The M G reaches lower to equal results with 71 fps at low details and 27 fps at medium details. Through the integrated SRS support Sound Retrieval System a bit more volume can be tickled out of the two speakers with the corresponding and easy to use software.

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Review Asus K50IN Notebook – Reviews

asux Thus at least on Anno medium details are possible. Overall the application performance for an all-round notebook of this price class is good and completely sufficient for daily use. Counter Strike Source Thus CS Source ran in the resolution x and with high details with an average of a very good Gadgetspeak Some laptops are asux as a travelling companion while others are more suited for providing your computing needs in the home.

Multi-format DVD burner on the left side.

Asus K50IN – External Reviews

As long as you purge the installation of all-too unnecessary programs, the working speed proves to be brisk. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Nevertheless, this is one attractively designed, quality build notebook with just few compromises made because of final retail price. Designed xsus provide users with a comfortable mobile computing experience, the ASUS K50IN notebook features the IceCool design, which boasts asuus designed and positioned heat vents which keeps the palm rest cool, lower than that of the average human body temperature.


Xsus we would have liked the card reader to have supported a few more formats. The access time was average at On the positive side there’s a good illumination at an average of Corresponding changes are by all means acoustically noticeable, yet partly lead to a k0in and tinny sound. Only under forceful pressure can the keyboard strongly give way. So whoever gambles from time to time and settles with older titles will have a sufficiently brisk companion in the K50IN. Looked at subjectively, the picture appeared strong and bright in terms of colour, the low black level and the low image stability however disturbed particularly in dark scenes in games assus films respectively.

Product specifications may differ from country to country. However, under load the temperature increased clearly, above all the CPU. On games the verdict turns out differently according to requirements.

Asus K50IN

Lna average of 5 fps is truly laan crowning achievement. Here a case-integrated subwoofer would have worked wonders and perfected the otherwise good tonal experience. Asus K50IN on Ciao. Call of Juarez ran at the resolution x4 x AA and with high details at an average of 4 fps, which was completely unplayable.

On first look the case seems rather high-gradeon closer inspection however it stands out that above all cheap-looking materials are employed. It positively comes along that the fan noise is subjectively pleasant and doesn’t make itself noticeable with unpleasant frequency.


Otherwise there is also a microphone and a 1. How much Asus has recently been cramming almost all of its notebooks with unnecessary software. At high details Crysis ran very poorly at 6 fpsat medium details it was still unplayable at 12 fps.

Zsus the latter system may have shorter battery life, this factor hardly outweighs the price differential. The display lid is very stable and it also provoked no image distortions from even strong pressure.

All other tested games were then only constantly fluently playable in minimum details. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. For the sake of completeness the Vista performance index is mentioned at this point. It offered zippy performance speeds in comparison to similarly priced notebooks, a comfortable keyboard, and lengthy battery life. Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Thus the CPU became really hot at roughly 70 degrees Celsius and also the graphics card reached a fair temperature at 84 degrees Celsius.

In the CPU run-through the K50IN only reached an unplayable 5 fps at high detailsat medium details it reached still a meager 11 fpswhereas Crysis ran reasonably fluently at minimum details with an average of 25 fps.