If you would like to help out with updating packages or build your own bleeding edge, the instructions are in the github readme for openwrt-pxa-target. Email Required, but never shown. You’re doing this once at startup, where having to wait reasonably long for the ID, and the temporarily increased current consumption, doesn’t matter. However, I would expect that for any specific real MCU, as long as you’re always going from low to high voltage, the threshold for a given pin of a given make and model would not vary quite as much, so with a bit of testing one should be able to get away with a somewhat tighter spacing. I really want one, it may be my only connection to a social life.

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Here, R1 is simply to limit the current from the IO pin, and depending on the smallest Rt and the maximum capacitive load of the MCU pins you might be able to do without it.

Email Required, but never shown. Ultrasonic transducer driver 1. Back in February anarsoul ported Da28cm00 4.

[PATCH v2] Add support for Dallas DS28CM00 Unique ID chip

And thanks for giving the link to the ton of unsorted files; those were helpful, too. How to get satellite unique ID? Taking resistor technology beyond RoHS. I got mine used in excellent condition on ebay. This page is intended to be an accumulation of information about hacking the device. The OpenWrt build system allows for installing feeds so I created a new pxa target feed that can be built with openwrt trunk.


Mozzwald, I currently have a Zipit z2 in my possession. Yes, thank you for keeping this information up. Making an ID of a board type Ask Question. Heat sinks, Part 2: However the 8bit family code is always 0x01 indicating it is a Linuz It is useful and used.

Updated Software for the Zipit Z2 |

Sign up using Email and Password. Every now and then i happen to visit your site, i love seeing that support for the ZipIt isn’t dead ; Keep going, sir, you have some fans from Italy: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use ds28cm00 the website is subject to these policies. I also decided to pull out all the extra launcher and icon files from the default gmenu2x theme to save a little space.

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Zipit Z2 |

Maxim has that type of part. That way you get a free-ish serial number.

There is no difference between the two github repos for branch v4. However, I have not tested this: It sounds like you are looking for a device that can do social media, instant messaging, etc.


You don’t mind adding one extra pin to the board connector, and you have one extra IO pin on the MCU.

Re: [i2c] [PATCH v2] Add support for Dallas DS28CM00 Unique ID chip

Using the smallest MCU you can find may actually be cheaper. Soon after the device was released many people dds28cm00 to hack the device and get a new kernel and operating system to work on it. If you lunux a spare ADC input then a good way to do this is with a simple resistor divider. On top of that many manufacturers ds28cm000 not floating the inputs at mid voltage range because it massively increases power dissipation both the MOSFETs on the CMOS input buffers end up turned on at the same time.

Timo 5 Are they that rare or is it just that not many people are interested in them? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Any comments containing links to other sites will be automatically discarded.

Here is my mirror for some of your files: