It is similar to the Blue Orb from ThermalTake, but the heat sink has a completely different configuration. It provides the space for a TV-out chip. OpenGL wouldn’t start for Quake 3, 2D was terribly sluggish in windows, video was low-resolution and low-color and looked horrible. After that they write letters with suggestions to test the KYRO cards again. In the box you can find: I just don’t recommend to enable the texture compression on the games based on the UnrealTournament engine. The GPU is equipped with a roundish cooler with an effective fan.

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But not everything is so perfect. Installation and drivers Test system configuration: But the memory works at MHz, as well as the chip, because the frequencies of the processor and the memory are synchronized.

I had expected a bigger difference, after all the Kyro 1 is 60MHz slower and has half the RAM of the Kyro 2, but such was not the case. The concept of the KYRO combines simplicity 3dd the cards, cheap SDR memory, and at the same time, quite high speed 4000xxt as compared with their competitors, and strong diversity of the performance in different games.

The GPU is equipped with a roundish cooler with an effective fan. Samsung produces memory chips with a 7 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz.

Hercules 3D Prophet XT graphics card Specs – CNET

Granted, it isn’t really fast, but it hangs with other available budget cards pretty nicely. Giants utilizes Direct X 8 and Hardware TL capabilities of video cards, and while it should generally favor cards with these features, this is not always the case:. Besides, the drivers are constantly being debugged. If you’re going to be playing games in the lower resolutions, that is, x or x, and considering this is a low-end video card I wouldn’t recommend playing in the higher resolutions anywayyou’ll get acceptable performance levels.


I’ve included Kyro 2 numbers so you can directly compare the two chipsets. But this technology is just earlier and, therefore, slower in a realization frequency. Besides, there are some drawbacks connected with the KYRO’s architecture: The KYRO 400xt cards cost today even less than the Rpophet MX, that is why the only obstacle in the way of popularization of these cards is a small number of companies which are producing them.

File:Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT 64MB PCI.png

Of course, being an older chip, it doesn’t even have full Direct X 7 hardware support it lacks of hardware TL and Direct X 8 is completely out of the picture. The Radeon scores higher than the MX as is typically expected in Giantsbut the highest speeds are achieved by the Kyro 2. Conclusion I must only add to the words said above that activation of the S3TC in the Direct3D doesn’t practically worsen the quality the most of errors are corrected in the latest versions of the drivers.

The only thing of note about the board is that, strangely enough, there is a heat sink, held in place by pushpins, on the back of the card. Notice how there are no GeForce 3 Titaniums included. Don’t forget that when you’re looking at the benchmarks, and the price. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The difference consists in the arrangement of the memory chips. There were some issues I experienced with certain driver revisions. Video 3Digests Video cards: These tests were run before the newer October 15 official drivers were released.


Fast shows card’s work in bit color and High Quality shows card’s work in bit color. OpenGL wouldn’t start for Quake 3, 2D was terribly sluggish in windows, video was low-resolution and low-color and looked horrible.

Test results The 2D quality is just excellent. Surprisingly enough, the Kyro 1 manages to keep up with the MX where maximum framerates are concerned, and even scores higher in x This could prophft a result of driver improvements or the 1.

I’d hope they’d fix the problem but haven’t had a chance to test them out yet. If you’re on a really tight budget and you’re buying retail, look no further than the XT.

However, activation of the S3TC together with the trilinear filtering makes the losses of the latter smaller. But the S3TC bears fruit, and the gap is not so critical!

A buyer of such a card must has an Internet access all the time to update the pro;het. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.