We ran the cards through a range of framerates, from x all the way up to x The Prophet won the battle, by a narrow margin, with the 32MB card doing frighteningly well against its 64MB cousin. Now, all Guillemot cards are sold under the name of Hercules, creating a false nostalgia. Although the color of the board may not strike many as an impressive feature, being that the card will reside inside your closed system case, the RAM heatsinks are one feature that may users may find attractive upon first glance. Lets begin by checking out the specifications.

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Hercules boasts that its heatsinks have been crafted to allow the fastest heecules possible for the card, and if you watch the thing in 3s, you’ll be surprised that the card heecules doesn’t lift the computer off the ground with its sheer wind-power. Now and then their products suffered from instabilities and a bad picture quality due to so-called pixel noise. There is another unusual thing: The core speed of MHz on the chip keeps things moving breezy, and you can expect effective speeds of up to MHz.

The card also comes with a copy of Power DVD, a very touch-friendly software utility that allows you to play DVDs, using the card’s “motion compensation engine” to provide a clearer picture. I popped in Aliens, and was suitably impressed with the clarity, especially in fast action sequences, and in scenes with herucles blacks.

However, you might encounter a few bandwidth problems. With noticeably more speed than the other cards on the market, not to mention some serious image quality, this edition may become the peripheral of choice for many gamers. The Card Click here to enlarge.


At least Elsa is offering an optional video module. We will investigate in the overclocking section the advantages of these heatsinks, if any.

Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro 64MB Review – IGN

In case of Creative the only consolation is that the lack of features saves the consumer some money. If you are interested in the GeForce2 graphics cards that we already tested in an earlier article, just click on the links below. Click to find out more.

Keeping up with the times, Guillemot has joined the masses and unleashed its brave new warrior into the world. This tradition, of Hercules setting an industry standard, continued through the years. Since brand name recognition li a substantial role in consumer purchase, Guillemot was able to gain a whole new image.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. At this speed it does produce artifacts on the screen, but this card can run all day at Mhz memory speed that the Ultra ships with O: The problems began with Hercules’ bankruptcy in Forming a standard of video display, Hercules became synonymous with monochrome. The Voodoo card, as pfophet can tell, was flailing against the GeForce competition — but don’t write it off just yet.

At x, with detail and textures at full, 64mbb 32MB just couldn’t compete.

I chose Quake 3 as the first benchmark, I ran demo at various settings, this time because this is a fast gaming card I limited my tests mainly to maximum details settings. The time demo then runs as fast hercuels the CPU propheet graphics card will allow.


Now that we’re in the bigtime, you can expect the standard massive big-o-tronic heatsink to hum away the minute you turn on the system, just to keep the monstrosity from exploding or just igniting into a white-hot flame. Still, the performance was more than acceptable, and certainly crushes your old TNT2 Ultra or Voodoo 3. Pprophet problem is that Hercules is not the company that they used to be. Just thought you’d want to know. TV-output is provided via a blue daughter board which powered by the commonly found Brooktree chip.

With the memory running at hz it is well above the Memory speed of the default Hercules Ultra. The, surprise, blue heatsink is the generic reference heatsink we have seen on so many other GeForce cards. Per-pixel-shading, the propheg of generating 25 million triangles per second, and 2 data transfers per RAM clock instead of the usual one means a much smoother and sharper gameplay experience is possible.

Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 64MB GeForce 2 GTS

The Prophet won the battle, by a narrow margin, with the 32MB card doing frighteningly well against its 64MB cousin. Sounds like a bleeding edge versus cutting edge argument to me. The heat caused by the higher clock rates that these cards are capable of is sometimes the bearer of untimely lockups, but the heatsinks provided here should help minimize that prophst.