A buyer of such a card must has an Internet access all the time to update the software. The only thing of note about the board is that, strangely enough, there is a heat sink, held in place by pushpins, on the back of the card. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Of course, being an older chip, it doesn’t even have full Direct X 7 hardware support it lacks of hardware TL and Direct X 8 is completely out of the picture. Overall I was quite surprised with the way the card performed. Installation and drivers Test system configuration: Then on to our Giants test which involves a quick run through the multiplayer level “Three Way Island 1” from the Meccs team to catch the minimum and maximum framerates encountered.

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Besides, the drivers are constantly being debugged. The card ships in a dark Retail-package with a picture of a soldier or a magician. For estimation of 3D quality we used the id Software Quake3 v.

Installation and drivers Test system configuration: For comparison the results of the following cards are given: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. But the memory works at MHz, as well as the chip, because the frequencies of the processor and the memory are synchronized.

Conclusion I must only add to the words said above that activation of the S3TC in the Direct3D doesn’t practically worsen the quality the most of errors are corrected in the latest versions of the drivers. The Kyro 1 is essentially the same as the Kyro 2, so you can always see that review for more specific details on the technology behind the silicon.


Switching out a couple orophet different drivers, I eventually settled on 7. After that they write letters with suggestions to test the KYRO cards again. And we shouldn’t ignore video cards on this chipset, first of all, due to their hsrcules price. Why do the drivers pass a debugging process only for several popular games? But the KYRO deserves attention not only due to a low price for its cards, but also due to a series of interesting technologies which allow them to lift the performance in the 3D much more than just by fps.

Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT (PCI, 32 MB)

We have already written that the peculiarities of the architecture propeht this chip doesn’t allow for lifting the frequency. Don’t forget that when you’re looking at the benchmarks, and the price.

On the one hand, it is pleasant that the debugging process is so fast, but, on the other hand, how dare they release products with raw software?

But the S3TC bears fruit, and the gap is not so critical! I’d hope they’d fix the problem but haven’t had 4000xtt chance to test them out yet.

Hercules 3D Prophet XT (STMicroelectronics KYRO)

The Radeon scores higher than the MX as is typically expected in Giantsbut the highest speeds are achieved by the Kyro 2. In the May 3Digest you can find a hrrcules comparison of characteristics of cards of this and other classes.


It’s not at the FPS of higher end models, but then if your eye can distinguish between games at and 60 FPS you should be too busy working at the circus to care about gaming.

For testing we used drivers from STMicroelectronics of 7. That’s because these are budget cards we’re talking about.

Detonator XP version Quake3 Arena demo, standard settings The tests were carried out in two modes: Granted, it isn’t really fast, but herculse hangs with other available budget cards pretty nicely. In X at 75 one can see a sharp image. However, activation of the S3TC together with the trilinear filtering makes the losses of the latter hedcules.

Video 3Digests Video cards: Samsung produces memory chips with a 7 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz.

Besides, there are some drawbacks connected with the KYRO’s architecture: I’ve included Kyro 2 numbers so you can directly compare the two chipsets. Surprisingly enough, the Kyro 1 manages to keep up with the MX where maximum framerates are concerned, and even scores higher in x In the box you can find: Here the results are somewhat different.