IRIScan Book 5 will turn your book pages, magazine articles and favorite pictures into high quality images or PDF in the blink of an eye. It will take you right there without any searching. USB slot to easily recharge your device or upload files 5. Choose files or drag and drop files. Easy buttons to configure all parameters: The User Guides cover all the features available in the product. If it has a red diagonal line over it then the driver is not loaded for the scanner.

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It will take you right there without any searching. In device manager go down to the bottom entry, Universal Serial Bus Controllers and click on the plus sign to expand.

Software Download Center

To use the button manager it should be resident in the tray on the lower right next to the clock. If one of the above article didn’t help youif you are looking to contact us for business enquiries or if you want to return a product, do no hesitate to contact us! Thanks to the included software Readiris, all your scans can be turned in a Word or Excel file in a simple click.

If you iiscan to return a defective product under warranty, cancel a downloaded order, etc. Ever felt the urge to keep a digital trace of a document in front of you but felt discouraged by the whole scanning process?


There is no easier way to scan and share content.

Presentation Features Versions System requirements. Business Card Capture software. Change the source to IRIScan 1. IRIScan Book 5 is a very compact and lightweight scanner that fits easily in your bag – which makes it perfect for twan around. This unique feature lets you listen to any text, even during travel!

Scan all your documents without being connected to your computer.

IRIScan Book 5 & IRIScan Book 5 Wifi – Book scanner

USB slot to easily recharge your device or upload files 5. Forget scanners that need pre-heating and a long scanning time: Readiris Pro OCR software included. Go to the tools tab and look for the disable UAC entry. You can download the latest version of the scanner driver irscan www.

Solution To get rid of the lines where repeated calibrations fail delete the contents of the folder listed below and repeat the calibration. White areas when scanning photos To solve this issue: You can then immediately preview your scans on the 1,5″ color screen.

Less Paper, More Twin. Select the resolution and color to your liking and click OK. This can happen if the USB port is not supplying enough power to run the device. This now belongs to the past. You would go to the Preferences in the respective programs and set the scanner as pictured.


I get the error Cannot Open TWAIN default Source – I.R.I.S. Helpdesk

All of this makes this device especially useful for on-the-go actors and people travelling for work. There are two ways to scan, either from within the program or using the button manager.

How can I install the software? To solve this issue, you have irscan You can re-enable the UAC once the product is up and running. Irisccan you receive a Configuration Manager message, click OK. There is one for Windows users and another for Mac users.

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on a business trip, your IRIScan Book 5 will always be at your side, ready to quickly scan anything.

If it has a yellow exclamation or question mark, right click on it and twaon update driver. Make sure the scanner is plugged directly into a USB port on the computer, a hub or docking station will usually not have enough power to run the device.