In cases of embedding, feedback to the environment from the cognitive agent is non-existent or spotty at best. Their most important application, however, is in the magnets used for electric motors, which is where they enter the electric vehicle supply chain. Ownership, according to him, is “a matter of having the right kind of functional integration — nothing more, nothing less” p. Opie attends class regularly, does the homework and reading, and studies diligently for the first exam. And because the focus is almost exclusively on Clark and Chalmers’ theses, readers might also wonder what the prospects are for an extended epistemology if one adopted an approach that focuses more on complementarity rather than parity e.

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Menary offers us an interesting mix of virtue theory and cognitive extension that might satisfy some internalist intuitions.

Taken together, the articles offer a sustained and focused discussion of the conditions for extension. He compares this to recent claims that scientific research teams are the seat of collective knowledge. This is a very helpful article in that it explores and explains two of the many, many forms of externalism in philosophy. What does it mean to have these things?


Indeed, one comes away from the volume with the view that, even issw the mind or cognition is extended, extended knowledge doesn’t come easy. In “Taking the iPhone Seriously: This has resulted in the pioneer oil field development project at Ogbele, achieving key milestones and industry firsts and attaining multiple upstream and downstream innovative capacity utilization processes.


In cases of outright extension, feedback between the environment and the agent is reliable in both directions. According to his account, knowledge does not require intellectual virtue but cognitive ability, and therefore extended knowledge does not require intellectual virtue but an exercise of cognitive ability in which the technology is cognitively integrated.

Knowledge Extended,” Chienkuo Mi and Shane Ryan maintain the idea that reflection is necessary for a certain kind of knowledge and that extended knowledge requires reflective knowledge.

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As with the lithium-ion battery, the permanent magnets that use NdPr in motors are industry standard, meaning they face a similar exponential growth in usage generated by the electrification of the global vehicle fleet. He goes on to consider the truth-tracking function of extended cultural systems and argues for a form of “responsible reliabilism.

The argument goes something like this: He notes, however, that in the case of the sages, there is a lack of reciprocal interaction. For Fred Adams and Aizawacognition requires the manipulation of representations with non-derived content.

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I suppose we could say that corresponding to we-intentions there exists we-knowledge. They describe the differences between embedded, extended, and scaffolded cognition in the following way: At the AGM, shareholders received a detailed update on the activities of the Company for the year under review.

One of the merits of Pritchard’s account of extended knowledge is its ability to capture animal knowledge, as well as the more reflective knowledge found in humans.

This thought experiment is one of the most interesting in the volume; I wish I had space here to discuss it further. So, if I am right, this constitutes a case of both extended cognition and extended knowledge — the very item we’ve been siw.


Extended Cognition meets Virtue-Responsibilism” brings together extended cognition and virtue-responsibilism. Drayson argues that, if the argument from explanatory generality works for Williamson’s externalism, then ipso facto it should work for Clark and Chalmers’ externalism. Our subsidiaries consists of four businesses working together with a wide range of petroleum and non-petroleum assets.

Xunzi seems ise suggest that knowledge of the Way is a sort of extended knowledge that encompasses many generations of sages.

However, she raises a number of issues that point to an incompatibility. Therefore, demanding that extended knowledge iew epistemic virtues will often be beneficial. Our deep and genuine regard for the Nigerian people nand the environment in which we live and work.

This is a way of knowing that exists in virtue of tracking one’s intentions. According to Record and Miller, the trust criterion should be rejected and the extended mind thesis reconsidered.

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Opie attends class regularly, does the homework and reading, and studies diligently for the first exam. To be clear, they weren’t the first to challenge the boundaries of isww mind. China, for now, has the ability to cap runaway rare earth prices.

Is it like owning something?