A matching tweeter for the Jantzen Audio JA HMQ midwoofer must have a frequency response that correspondingly runs into midwoofer territory without any humps and bumps. And instruments are so natural. Thus my articles here: It’s fast and a drum solo will kick butt, even from a 10 wpc amplifier. The Plutone loudspeaker can be seen as a turning-point in the Humble Homemade Hifi tradition.

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Damping material is applied to the inside of all the panels except the inside of the front baffle.

Jantzen Audio JA HMQ – € : , Loudspeaker shop

As already mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Plutone loudspeaker has stunning purity combined with a very natural tonal balance and excellent dynamic expression. It comes in three pieces, two long strips that are folded to cover the side, top and bottom panels.

A cut-out should be made in the dampingmaterial so that the bass-reflex port is kept clear.

Like how long the acoustic decay is in the recording studio, it seems to be longer than before and more logical for example: I chose to veneer the cabinets and I used a light coloured Mappa Burl veneer a.

Should it be paper, fabric or a phase plug? They must have the right elasticity to allow the membrane to move freely within Xmax and they must have correct resilience to quickly restore rest position when no voltage is applied, the latter not least important. The low-pass section is first-order with a parallel RC-circuit to produce linear impedance.


Impedance plot of driver in free air. Internal wiring is 6N copper solid core wire from Jantzen Audio, 2x 1,00mm2 for the woofer and crossover, 2x 0,50mm2 for the tweeter.

Jantzen Audio-Lautsprecher Ja HMQ

The spider and the surround. The phase plug is held in place by a solid copper ring above pole piece. This continues all the way to the rear bracing.

Most 1″ soft-dome tweeters are fairly directional above 10 kHz and applying a waveguide will often produce a more even power response, hence reduce on-axis response above 10 kHz. They shine indeed in the areas where I hoped na8008 would and easily outclass my previous ScanSpeak Revelator monitors.

Most of the drivers I’ve had at hand have some JA, the main driver back to top Designing your own driver is a major challenge. Coatings are sometimes applied to cover basic imperfections in cone composition and geometry. If the tube is tapered it’s a horn, in this case a conical horn, and horns may come in all shapes and sizes depending on actual application, from the deepest bass to the highest treble. As can be seen, there’s a huge overlap from both drivers around point of crossover ensuring proper performance in areas where both drivers are operating.

The small capacitor value also increases overall power handling. The crossovers use very high grade components from Jantzen Audio and Intertechnik. The paper pulp here is mixed with long cotton fibres to provide the right balance between cone strength and internal damping.


The combination of tweeter, woofer, cabinet material, shape and size form such a coherent unity that we were able to design a matching crossover that consists of only three components and uses no resistors at all, not even to tame the tweeter level! Ideally we want our magnet system to accelerate our membrane jw8008 – but we need the poor thing to stop again – we need damping.


And this is not by a small margin with the increased level of detail apparent from the very first note: Poplar Burlbook-matched and mirrored.

Personally I get much greater satisfaction and pleasure when spending it on loudspeakers that last at least ja008 years ;- Anyway, back to the subject.

JA-8008 HMQ

Below you can see the ja0808 measurements of the unfiltered raw drivers in the Plutone cabinet. These speakers deserve the best cables you can afford.

The driver reaches 5. The aluminum voice coil former is now replaced by a fiber glass voice coil former with similar properties of e. ha8008

This driver is purpose designed for higher than average efficiency, low mechanical resistance and quick response. It’s been 6 years since I had ia8008 first production samples of the JA driver and quite a range of speakers have been made around this high-efficiency driver: A matching tweeter for the Jantzen Audio JA HMQ midwoofer must have a frequency response that correspondingly runs into midwoofer territory without any humps and bumps.