It may also be slow to respond if the computer is busy performing other low level tasks, such as scanning for viruses. Contact HP if the keyboard is still under warranty and the key is stuck to determine if the keyboard can be replaced before removing a key. If the mouse or keyboard does not work after replacing the batteries, manually synchronize the devices. This rod must be inserted into the key and keyboard before replacing the key into the keyboard. If the issue is electrical then you need to consider how much your time is worth and how much you know about electronics.

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Ask New Question Sign Mg-0982 hp mouse. Green – indicates a full battery. Keyboard volume controls do not work. For keyboards, see How to charge the wireless keyboard. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

How to fix an HP wireless mouse that is not working – Quora

Replace the batteries with mg-0982 hp mouse fresh set of alkaline batteries and make sure they are correctly installed. For keyboards, the battery access cover is usually found on the underside of the keyboard.

mg-0982 hp mouse To view all the icons, press the left arrow button in the System tray at the bottom mousd the screen. Insure your stuff like ordering a pizza.


Still have a question? If the issues remain after reseating the wireless yp, try another USB port. If you are using the mouse or keyboard around large metal mg-0982 hp mouse, remove the metal surface or move the receiver, mouse, and keyboard to a new location, away from the metal surface.

Wireless keyboard, mouse, and USB receiver. Make sure to back up your data before restoring your system.

Mg-0982 hp mouse the keyboard has a rechargeable mg-0982 hp mouse batteryuse the charging cable to charge the keyboard:. This is more likely to happen if one of the three devices is replaced. If it isnt, then you will need to take off the shell and start testing all of the electronic parts mg-0982 hp mouse a voltmeter. Please follow the steps below: Do the mg-09982 steps:. Rechargeable batteries, or other types, might not last as long. Typical device placement when the wireless devices are not in use.

Europe, Middle East, Africa. Increasing keyboard and mouse battery life. Remove any other objects that are between the keyboard, mouse, and the receiver, especially speakers. Why is my wireless mouse not working?

Use the instructions in one of the following HP support documents, depending on your operating system, to change the keyboard language:.


How to Sync a Wireless HP Mouse to a Computer |

Press and hold the button on the underside of the mg-0982 hp mouse mh-0982 the activity light on the receiver stops flashing. Move the mouse or keyboard closer to the Wireless receiver. If so, set the device to another frequency if it is capable or resync the mouse and keyboard. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox.

HP Wireless Mouse and USB Receiver Kit 603289-001 Mg-0982

mg-9082 See How to charge the wireless keyboard for mg-0982 hp mouse information. A wireless mouse is not expensive, so repair, even if possible, is often not worth fooling with. Remove any other objects.

Open the cover from the back of your wireless mouse. Now find Mice and other pointing devices and find your wireless mouse. View this video on YouTube. Increasing keyboard and mouse battery life Use the mg-0982 hp mouse tips to get more life out of your keyboard and mouse batteries:.