The Sony offers ‘dual recording’, so a still picture can be captured without interrupting the flow of the video. And those doors have nice latches to release them nicer than on any other digicam I’ve used. I didn’t wait to be submerged to try this variation of iSweep Panorama. You can also select adult and child priority and indicate the degree of Smile Detection Sensitivity. It isn’t something you can anticipate or get used to.

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Grills would compromise waterproofing but Playback mode does offer a slide show with music and I could hear something besides the Sony beepbut the video playback sound is not very loud, even with the volume cranked up. If Superior is so superior, why do you need Intelligent — or even Program? Noise suppression efforts also bungle sony dsc – tx10 definition. Click image to download Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Something I’ve noticed about these forums. On those tests, the TX10 scores high marks. You can Save, Revert, Exit, vsc. Extinction of the pattern occurred at around 2, lines per picture height.

A key problem with the Sony TX10’s video mode is that it takes seconds for the camera to start recording after you’ve pressed the Record button.

This provides stunning, fast motion video with less distortion for sony dsc – tx10 on your HD TV. Superior Auto mode automatically and intelligently recognizes 36 different scenes and instantly supplies the best settings for each one.

TransferJet Technology TransferJet technology, developed by Sony and advanced and promoted by a consortium of 18 other companies, allows you to transfer up to ten files between two TransferJet enabled devices just by touching their TransferJet logos together, without the hassle of hunting for cables or the complication of pairing.


For those missing a DSLR, there is the ability to achieve sony dsc – tx10 sharp subject but an attractively defocused sony dsc – tx10 the Sony achieves this visual trickery by again taking skny shots and compositing them.

But then I’m not a big fan of the limited 4x zoom on the TX10 to begin with. This means the likes of shooting modes are represented virtually by on-screen icons rather than chunky dials. Hence the “higher quality.

Not to mention shock-proof and dust-proof. So I was able to observe its water-shedding properties and was required to dry it off. Intelligent Scene Recognition sony dsc – tx10 be used together with Smile Shutter mode. While it’s waterproof, rugged, and slick looking enough to slip into a suit, the Sony TX10’s touchscreen doesn’t work as well as it should, making this otherwise nice little camera harder to recommend. I’ll give Sony credit sony dsc – tx10 designing a waterproof and not merely water-resistant camera.

And it was a real comfort to know as the rain came down and the falls splashed over me that the TX10 was designed to survive this sort of exposure.

So you don’t really know if you’ve activated a capture. Telephoto shows fewer pixels, with only a hint of redness. Touchscreen is not consistently responsive Touchscreen doesn’t work under water Difficult to see the LCD in bright light Slow interface Movie recording takes several seconds to start Noise suppression affects even low ISO images Tends to underexpose in shade Soft corners Video sony dsc – tx10 audio is not loud enough Weak flash not a surprise for its size Poor documentation split between PDF and HTML formats.


Sony dsc – tx10 a lot of work, really.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 Review | Photography Blog

When the camera is set to Soft Snap, the Anti-blink function captures two images, recording only the photo with less squinting or blinking. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10’s Macro mode captures a very soft image with strong blurring in tc10 corners of the frame that extends far in toward center, as well as much stronger chromatic aberration a common limitation among consumer sony dsc – tx10 cameras in macro mode. As you might have guessed, Superior isn’t so superior. Dark skin tones are a little warm, and lighter skin tones show sony dsc – tx10 small nudge toward magenta.

So Sony has decided to give the TX10 a little help.

Take your photography to the next level and beyond…

They had more trouble with the Sony TX10, mostly because they kept son touching the screen and changing modes or settings. But most waterproof cameras have sony dsc – tx10 same warnings, so it’s not unique to Sony by any means.

As a control, the LCD leaves as I said everything to be desired. Didn’t like it then. In shooting mode, the icons are also the settings.